How To Choose Interesting Essay Topics For To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic book that a lot of teachers and programs require their students to read. Most of these teachers will also have your write an essay on it because it is a great evaluation tool. For one, you can’t write a really good paper without reading it first. Second, it has a lot of great points to discuss and ponder over.

If you have been given the option to choose your own topic to write about, this is a good thing in the fact that you can write about something that you are interested in and a bad thing in that you will be stuck deciding what to write it on. You know that you will have to choose a great topic because it will help you make sure that your paper is successful. A great topic is the first step on the road to a good essay. Here are the best ways to choose an interesting topic about the book.

Read the book again

Okay. Now you are thinking that I am crazy because I said to read the book again that took you several weeks to complete the first time. You don’t have to read every word. Just start reading the beginning of a chapter or several sections to refresh your memory. You can read it over again for the best results because you will be able to see the elements of foreshadowing now that you know the ending.

Check out the notes

Reread your notes. Your instructor has likely discussed many things while you were reading and you should have taken notes. By reading through the notes that you took, you will be able to get some ideas on what to write your paper on.

Analyze exams or texts

If you have had any tests or quizzes on the book as your read, you can read them over again. These will give ideas on what to write about because they would be on important parts of the piece.

Read study guides online

You can also check out some of the study guides online to get an idea of what to write about. These helpful guides give an analysis of the plot, themes, characters, and much more. It is a great way to decide what to use as your topic because it gives you an overview of the important things.

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