Argumentative Essay Topics About College – 22 Fresh Ideas

Searching for fresh essay topic ideas dedicated to college life and education? Try looking for interesting suggestions on the Internet. There are databases of students’ projects that can provide you with some inspiration and fresh ideas. Besides that, if you give the searching some more attention, you will easily find resources that offer samples of students’ essays alongside generators of topic ideas for any type of essay with the help of your own keywords. These generators can provide you with great lists of topics for free.

Below, you can also find a list of suggestions for your own argumentative paper that is dedicated to college education and other aspects of college life.

  1. Should college education be affordable to everyone?
  2. Is college education really worth the money people pay for it?
  3. Are all the skills and knowledge that college education provides useful in everyday life and for working by a gained profession?
  4. Is college education over/underestimated?
  5. Should colleges provide more comfortable conditions for nursing mothers who don’t want to quit studying?
  6. Should just everyone undertake part-time working while studying in college?
  7. Is it possible to reduce the cost of college education without doing harm to its quality?
  8. Should colleges provide the same studying standards for college athletes and students who don’t participate in active sports?
  9. Should there be restrictions regarding social media posting and communication for college students?
  10. Is it a privilege to be taken to a college fraternity or a sorority?
  11. Can homeschooling be enough to prepare a person for a college?
  12. Should school graduates have a free year after completing their schools and before entering a college?
  13. Should cell phones be banned in classrooms during the classes?
  14. Should college athletes be paid for playing for the college?
  15. Should students be dismissed for objective reasons, regardless of their parents’ status or money?
  16. Should there be special plans for freshmen that will help people get used to the college life easier?
  17. Should the theme of college bullying be explored with more attention?
  18. Should there be more attention to the cheating that students practice in college?
  19. Should college students feel absolutely free to choose their subjects from the very first year?
  20. Should colleges give less emphasis to sports?
  21. Should students who are caught on cheating be dismissed from their colleges immediately?
  22. Should traditional college educational basics be replaced with bilingual or multicultural education?

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