Top 22 Most Interesting US History Argumentative Essay Topics

When you look at this company, you are going to find the most interesting topics from recent US history to compose your argumentative essay for your history assignment. Here we list the top twenty-two topics sourced from the last century and propose very brief motivations for writing on these topics.

First list of topics to explore

  1. W Wilson – One of the founding fathers of the League of Nations.
  2. World War One – The first of two world wars that America took part in.
  3. Prohibition – The unusual law that led to an increase in crime and lawlessness.
  4. The Great Depression – The worst economic crisis that affected many Americans.
  5. FDR Roosevelt – Considered the greatest American president in recent history.
  6. World War Two – The most devastating war of the last hundred years.
  7. Potsdam – The venue that set the course for creating peace after WWII
  8. H Truman – Roosevelt’s successor who coined the phrase ‘the buck stops here’.
  9. JFK – Considered a worthy successor to follow Roosevelt’s legacy before being assassinated.
  10. J Edgar Hoover – A thorn in the side of the Kennedy brothers, he created the FBI.
  11. Vietnam – The unnecessary war that changed the face of American society during the sixties.
  12. LB Johnson – Kennedy’s successor who proved to be an abject failure.
  13. The Cold War – The threat of nuclear war always loomed.
  14. R Nixon – First US President, who was forced to resign,.

Events before 2000

  1. Carter and Reagan – In spite of creating peace in the Middle East, Carter lost badly to Reagan in the next presidential election.
  2. Reaganomics – An ill-conceived concept that led to deregulation and was the precursor to the 2008 economic crisis.
  3. The Bush wars – Two presidents, father and son, went to war against Iraq.
  4. The Clinton scandals – In spite of the scandals, Clinton enjoyed two successful terms in office.
  5. Al Gore and the inconvenient truth – The man who warned the world about global warming and climate change.

History over the last ten years

  1. Nine Eleven – Another tragic event that changed the face of American society and its outlook on the rest of the world.
  2. Barack Obama – The first African American president who made history.
  3. Washington and Lincoln – Recent or distant, no history paper should exclude a discussion on these two founding fathers.

This short guide should be of great value to you when you write your next paper on recent American historical events.

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