Things To Remember While Writing An Argumentative Essay On Disney

Disney is not just a fun amusement park. This is a Fortune 500 company that deals in merchandise, movie entertainment, theme parks, books and other sources of entertaining leisure. Over the years it has developed its admirers and its critics. You may have been given the assignment of writing an argumentative essay on Disney. Frankly, the topic could be anything because the argumentative essay has a certain structure to it which you must keep in mind.

  • You Must Decide What You Plan to Defend or Criticize. The topic has been chosen for you and you have to determine what it is about this new plan to discuss. That will require learning a lot more about Disney, including its image and the way conducts business.
  • Remember the Importance of Point/Counterpoint. You are going to be presenting your argument in contrast to the opinion of some other person or groups. This makes your position that much stronger because you are working to discredit the other side. It will mean that you have to do the research. The more you’re able to cite references and knowledgeable sources, the stronger your argument is against the opposition.
  • Understand Your Audience. The argumentative essay is an act of persuasion. Your audience, which are the readers of your essay, need to be persuaded that your points are quite strong. Knowing little bit more about these people and their inclinations can help you write a better text.
  • Determine What You Are Points Are Going to Be. You should have several strong points about Disney to back up your arguments. There should be no less than three in a good essay. These points can be compared and contrasted against opposing views to help further expand your position
  • Do Not Forget the Conclusion. There is an inclination to just expand through the body of the work and not prepare a good conclusion. These final sentences or paragraphs pull everything together in your argument. If anything, this has to be the most clear and most concise part of the work. It is the final attempt to persuade the reader to your point of view.

Recognize all of this as a learning process. There is much material to draw from on Disney that can help you create a very well written composition. Don’t fall into the trap of writing an emotionally charged paper. What is going to be extremely important in your work, and what will determine the final grade, is your ability to use clear logic and reasoning to convince the reader.

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