An Academic Tutorial On How To Write A Critical Evaluation Essay

A common type of writing assignment students begin to see in high school composition classes is the critical evaluation essay. It’s an assignment that requires the writer to suppress the desire to incorporate personal bias and provide a critical and objective look on a given subject. There are a number of tips you should know about writing a great critical evaluation essay. Here’s a free academic tutorial on how to accomplish this:

Setting the Standards of Your Critique

The first step to writing a great academic paper of this type is to set standards of your critique. It would help to review the assignment prompt and to look at a few samples. Ask your instructor if you aren’t sure of what it is that is expected of you.

Take Notes and Draft a Thesis Statement

Read the subject text and take great notes. You will need to provide evidence from the text in support of your critique, so take accurate notes so that you don’t have to come back and double check your content. Gather your evidence as well as your original notes and draft a thesis statement to guide your argument. It should be original and interesting.

Create an Outline of Your Evaluation Essay

Creating an outline before you start writing a first draft is an excellent way of thinking about your argument and figuring out a way to keep it organized so that you effectively convey your ideas in a logical manner the reader will understand. Refer to your outline often to ensure you stay on track.

Write Your First Draft in a Single Sitting

Most experts recommend you write the first version of your paper in a single sitting. This helps you get all of your ideas down in a quick and efficient matter. You’re always going to have time to make corrections later in the process, so be sure not to stop to make corrections that could slow you down and break up your rhythm.

Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Final Draft

The last step in writing a great paper is setting aside time to conduct complete revisions, edits, and proofreading of your content. Your paper can drop an entire letter grade or more if you submit nothing more than your first draft. And in order to do these last activities efficiently you need to spend several hours conducting them with complete attention.

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