How Children Are Targeted In The Mass Media

The dream of all mass media is to get their clientele right. This has in the past few years turned out to be the most complicated thing, especially with the increased levels of technology. There is a massive competition that leaves the different media unsure of their target groups and customers. The children are one of the most targeted groups in the world today. They may not have their money to spend, but most of the spending is associated with children. Parents spend more money on their children than on anything else. This has made children be the most targeted group by the media today. Unlike other groups, children are the cheapest group to please ad influence. They are easily persuaded and thus do not need much effort to please. You only need to understand the age group of the kids that you intend to win and learn their behavior and needs pretty well. There a range of ways which are employed by the media in their attempts to please children and win them.

Food pop-ups

Children are easily persuaded by sweet things. That is why most media use this vehicle as to get the attention of children and win their hearts. It is deemed as one of the best ways to get to children. Food pop-ups are incorporated in programs that are most watched by children. It wins their hearts and they can never fail to notice them. Research has shown that even the shortest food pop-ups have a significant impact. It is even more effective when they are placed in the middle of children shows and programs. The most preferred foods to be used in the pop-ups are the sugary foods that are most liked by kids. Sweets, drinks, cereals and snacks are the most preferred kinds.

Games and product packaging

The other thing that is used by mass media to target children is games. Children spend quality of their time playing games. Using games in advertisements is a sure way to get to kids. They will want to identify with games. In children of a bit advanced ages, music devices, video games and cell phones are a good idea. It is always important to mind the kind of packaging that you use for different products. Catching packaging will be a big plus in terms of winning the children’s hearts. Well packaged products will be a big win in terms of winning the children attention.

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