A List Of Winning Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Argumentative essays are fun to write and are part of many school curriculums. They keep student’s mind active and develops group discussion abilities in them.

Check out some winning topics for college students

  1. Discuss various sports. Why rugby is so popular and demanded even when it is dangerous? Why should the payment of footballers be reduced? What could be done to promote underrated athletes? Why golf should be promoted? Why this game is meant only for rich? What are some of the healthy sports?
  2. How we can prevent our kids from becoming technological zombies? How mobile phones are creating more risks than offering comforts?
  3. Robots are making us lazy than efficient? How Social networking sites are making us isolated? Discuss both the situations in context of advancement of technology. How advancement of technology is killing us?
  4. How dictatorship is better than democracy?
  5. How politicians are degrading the lifestyle and morality grounds of citizens? How money spent on the security of political leaders can be saved?
  6. Who is above the law?
  7. Why politics is a dirty game? How politicians and culprits are like two faces of a similar coin?
  8. How online dating websites have devastated the lives of various people?
  9. Why homosexuality should not be legalized?
  10. How starting sex at early age hampers the health of girls?
  11. How prostitutes are safeguarding the lives of common men?
  12. Is it true to say that polyandry is better than polygamy?
  13. How working women are chief reasons of increase in divorce cases? How phones are more responsible for spoiling the relationship and family?
  14. Is sex and violence acceptable on TV?
  15. Does the term gender equality real holds the truth?
  16. Men and women can never be friends-Explain.
  17. What are the positives and negatives of feminism? Are women vulnerable? Does vulnerability lies in mind or it is associated with physical strength? Do men have more exposure? Discuss both the cases and define their intelligence?
  18. Is modern art really a piece of art or is a way to fool people? Highlight the positives of gothic art? What are the prime challenges faced by artists on global scale? How safe is opting Art as a profession?
  19. Why people have more inclination towards secular songs than religious songs?
  20. How increasing independence of children spoiling grounds of morality? How it has given rise to issues like children trafficking?

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