Five Points To Consider Writing A Narrative Essay Topic Sentence

We’ve all heard about the important of writing a great topic sentence to start a well-structured body paragraph. In a narrative essay, this detail is just as important as any other part of the assignment, so we’ve put together this article discussing the five most important points to consider when composing a narrative essay topic sentence. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Each Topic Sentence Should Have A Clear Subject and Verb
  2. Open up any composition guide and you will find the simplest sentence constructions have two elements: a subject and a verb. This makes the foundation of any sentence and should be present in everything you write. A great way of knowing you have met this basic requirement is to underline each element. If you can’t easily spot it then you need to rewrite the sentence.

  3. Each Topic Sentence Should Indicate What the Paragraph is About
  4. The purpose of a topic sentence should clearly indicate what the paragraph is all about. If you find yourself having trouble coming up with a good sentence to start a paragraph, reread the content and simply answer the basic question “what am I trying to say?” This will certainly make crafting a good opening sentence much easier.

  5. Each Topic Sentence Should be Written Clearly and Concisely
  6. Many students mistakenly believe that they need to use complex sentence constructions or long words to sound more intelligent. This is completely wrong. The best writing should be clear and concise. Complex sentence constructions and long words can be confusing to the reader, and if you use either of these incorrectly you will come off sounding unintelligent, which is the exact opposite of what you intended.

  7. Don’t Use a Question as Topic Sentence in this Type of Assignment
  8. Starting a body paragraph is an interesting and effective way of catching the reader’s attention. But it’s a writing device that is usually reserved for creative pieces and shouldn’t be used when writing a narrative essay. Don’t start off on the wrong foot by forcing the reader to consider your question before having to switch directions and process the examples or evidence that follows.

  9. Make Sure Your Topic Sentence Isn’t Confusing the Reader
  10. Finally, simply make sure that there isn’t any confusion with the information that is being communicated to the reader. Read the paragraph aloud. If your topic sentence does not express the central idea of the rest of the paragraph then you need to rewrite it. Your reader will appreciate your paper more if he or she doesn’t have to reread any portion of it because of some level of uncertainty.

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