Composing A Descriptive Essay About A Person

Descriptive essay

An essay is a form of writing or a literary composition done in paragraphs based on a specific topic or theme. Article writing can be of various forms which include art critical, descriptive, criticisms, political analysis, evaluation type, argumentative etc. a descriptive essay can be defined as for of writing where the author describes a specific place, person, an event or an issue based on his findings and collected information.

An effective descriptive writing should contain all valuable information regarding the topic and should describe the readers interestingly. Readers should be in a position to grasp the subject which you are describing and you should present it in an efficient manner. Here are some tips which help you to write a descriptive essay about a person.

Describing a person- point to remember while composing a descriptive essay:

While describing a person, the writer needs to follow certain rules and format which makes the reader to catch the points easily. There are certain tools which help you to develop a descriptive article about a person. The writer should not struggle with words and ideas while describing a person. Here are some descriptive tips enlisted which help you in describing a person:

  • Focus your essay: a thesis statement should be added which clearly gives an idea about the person who you are describing. You can add the overall ideas related to his life, his influences and impact on the public, his all major activities etc. making familiar the person to the public is the initial process which needs to be carried out.
  • Starting the essay with an anecdote: instead of starting the description directly on your article you can add some real life incidents and examples which make your writing more interesting. You can add memories and special moments which connects you with the person you are describing.
  • Describing the person: it’s where you illustrate the person by giving features and identities. The words you chose to write and description words play the key role in your writing. If you are mentioning about the face of the person, the possible descriptive words like round, oval wide chiseled etc should be added. Mentioning the skin complexion can carry words like fair, sallow, tanned and other skin related adjectives. Do not forget to add identification marks which can be noticed easily in the person.

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