What Is A Literary Essay: A Step-By-Step Tutorial For Students

A literary essay is the type of paper where you need to identify the main idea, a bigger picture, or theme of the piece of art you read or see. This type of paper can be well suited for any piece of literature art like a book, a novel, a painting, song, composition or a movie. Students often choose to write these papers about work of fiction because then they can develop an interest and find a main theme that they will write about in their papers. If you are to attempt a literary paper, then you should keep few steps in mind in order to create a perfect paper.

Usually the teachers assign books and academic papers for students to analyze. You can choose one that matches the preferences of your teachers. If you have a free choice and there is no specification from your teacher or institute then you can choose to write about anything that interests you the most

The next thing you should do is to pick a genre that you are interested in writing your paper. You should choose whether you want to ready a comic, fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, drama or tragedy novel or work of art. If you choose something that you are not interested in then you will not be able to concentrate on your paper. Consider for example if you do not like to watch or read suspense, how you will analyze the work or identify its theme. It is important to choose something that is of your own interest.

Take up the work you want to analyze and read it several times. When you read the first time, you should not think about anything else but only read to understand the concept. Do not try to identify any theme or the main idea but only read. If you try to find the main theme at this point, you will break the flow of reading.

The second time you read the work, take a pen and paper in your hand and keep taking notes. Try to find the areas that are repetitive or if the writer is laying emphasis on a certain thing. Check the synonyms he is using to present the same idea and write them down.

Start writing your essay by keeping these notes in mind and state the main theme of the paper clearly

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