Cyber Crime

Globally communication has become more accessible. It is incredible and exciting how quickly information can travel, how one can apply for a job online, or make bank transactions, and how fast it is to find old friends. In just a matter of a click or tap a person can tell hundreds his/her location, or find out what those hundreds have been doing. Unfortunately not everyone sees this as a way to be more connected, but rather find the dark side of it to use it as a mean to invade other’s privacy in order to harm them, or investigate a company’s confidential information for their own benefit. Cyber Crime also known as computer crime, by definition is any crime involving the computer and a network which include, but are not limited to: hacking, fraud, identity theft, violation of privacy, extortion and child pornography. Today cyber criminals are modern criminals, they are not the typical house thieves who break in a house with the purpose of stealing money or jewelry, but they can belong to different groups who break into computer systems and jeopardize the security of citizens and nations.

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice, have made Cyber Crime one of their top priorities. After two years of investigation, Operation Ghost Click was completed successfully after the FBI arrested six people for creating a link to sell alleged Apple Inc. software with the purpose of scheming users as well as infecting their computers, four million computers were infected in one hundred different countries. Internet Stalking has become a priority of the Department of Justice describing it as any conduct directed to a specific person with the intention of causing fear. Stalking is contested with the speech protected under the First Amendment, however the case of Anthony Elonis set precedent by establishing the line dividing a tasteless comment and one that would cause fear to a reasonable person. Cyber Crime has become a modern way for criminals to commit fraudulent activities, and it becomes a bigger challenge to stop as technology advances, the difference between fighting these criminals from any others is that it is not enough for governmental affiliations to act upon it alone, it also calls for help from private organizations, Cyber Crimes not only affect a specific group, but it has become an issue that affects everyone.

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