Guidelines On Writing A Descriptive Essay About New Zealand

A descriptive essay is obviously meant for depicting or illustrating something. In case you want to write an essay describing New Zealand, here are recommendations aimed to help you produce an outstanding piece of writing. Remember that if you want to enchant the reader, you have to depict this place as if you’ve been there before; try to use vivid examples and express your own feelings.

  1. Begin with an introduction.
  2. Let it be a brief presentation of a topic of your descriptive essay. Point out that you are going to write about New Zealand, its history, geography, people, culture etc. Try to look for a catchy quotation about this country and use it in your introduction. Explain why you’ve chosen this topic to develop on. Show your involvement and passion as to the subject matter of your paper.

  3. Move forward with an essential part of your writing.
  4. Divide your paper into several conceptual parts. Write in a descriptive manner and use adjectives to illustrate your excitement about this or that fact. How does this country look? What does a person feel when he or she visits New Zealand for the first time? You may cover the following issues in your essay:

    • Historical background of New Zealand.
    • Specify some significant moments in its history. You may refer to fiction or scientific literature in your writing. Express your attitude as to the most prominent facts in its past.

    • Unique geographical location.
    • Use as many adjectives as possible to express how much you admire its nature and picturesque landscapes. Describe the most remarkable sights one should see while in Maori land.

    • Indigenous inhabitants.
    • Describe their appearance, lifestyle and traditions. Give some interesting and vivid examples as to their habits and rituals.

    • Culture and prominent people of New Zealand.
    • Develop on a cultural heritage of this country, using some powerful examples from literature, movie-making etc. Don’t forget to name outstanding citizens who contributed greatly to the development of the world culture.

    • New Zealand English.
    • Make a short retrospective journey into the history of this dialect of English language. Does it differ dramatically from other English dialects? Give a number of vivid examples depicting how some words and expressions are traditionally used by speakers.

  5. Write a memorable conclusion.
  6. Outline the most significant points of your essay. Express your feelings concerning the place you’ve described in your paper, using descriptive words.

  7. Verify your writing carefully.
  8. Don’t forget to read your paper thoughtfully in order to eliminate any possible mistakes.

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