22 Thought-Provoking Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas To Consider

If there are certain issues that you are interested in, you have to understand all the sides of the problem. Presenting only one viewpoint is good if you are making a statement essay, but if you want to compare some core ideas on the same subject, you will have to write about viewpoints that are not close to you. Preparing and reading a lot about the subject will help you, but you can still struggle with catching the core of the issue. It is easy if you can find a question that would interest you enough, so you feel the need to research a bit and write an essay about all the things you have learned.

  1. How is abortion, as a part of tradition and heritage, a question of civil rights?
  2. Where would communism be without socialism and how did those two ideas influence one another
  3. Worst global occurrences that had beneficent influence on some parts of the world
  4. Death penalty and the right to choose the way you die
  5. Interesting viewpoints to consider about child marriage, that is still practiced in many cultures around the world
  6. Introducing the idea of bioengineering to religious people
  7. Cultural differences and how the law and tolerance clash with the rise of modern technologies
  8. Nuclear weapons and the obscene fight for enlargement of national army
  9. Power in the political systems and how it is hurting the development of democracy
  10. American values and human rights – where good behavior becomes a bad civil rights practice
  11. Respecting elders in the modern society of youthful
  12. Modern technologies and the rise of sociological disorders connected to over production of information
  13. Life expectancy and the life standard in Third world counties
  14. The innovation that hindered the progress of civilization
  15. Information and the modern world – how we know what we don’t understand
  16. Creation of problems for political and economical benefit of the oligarchs
  17. Leaking information and the power of hacking – where is line between crime and the right to know
  18. Problematic statements that caused great change in the world for the better
  19. Love and hate in modern movies – a cry for help masked in violence and lust
  20. Desperate times of low cultural values and the mechanism behind it
  21. Cultural diversity confronted with law enforcement
  22. Value system that is destroying a person’s right to choose

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