Writing An Effective Essay: 5 Tips On The Structure

Writing an effective essay is not that tough as you think it is. Once you get a good topic and a fair idea on the structure you are good to go. It does need some writing skills though but anyone who can write decent sentences ought to come up with decent essays if they have done their home work. To make a paper effective you will need to maintain structural integrity and stick to the prescribed format. Each and every university has its own distinct format although it isn’t much different from the other. If you are going to write it for school then you better follow the guidelines your teachers mentioned to you.

Tips on structure:

  1. The first step towards maintain structural integrity is being aware of the specific rules that you will have to stick to. Since the rules greatly determine the structure you ought to know them beforehand. For instance if you are new to essay writing then you will have to start with a three paragraph essay which is fairly basic in structure. All you have to do is write three paragraphs, the first will be introduction then the body and finally the conclusion. Even when you move on to the more complex formats of writhing the basic concept will remain the same as a three paragraph.
  2. The other form of writing is the five paragraphs. You can write it once you have mastered the three paragraphs. It is just an extension where you have to express your thought in five paragraphs. The structure will be a bit different. The first will be the introduction and the last will be conclusion as before. The three paragraphs will have three different points related to the topics.
  3. Make a plan on how you want to present the points. This will help you with the structure. You can also study some sample essays so that you get a clearer idea on how to create the structure.
  4. There has to be a flow and continuity in your writings and this can be maintained with the structure. When you plan you will have to keep the continuity of the points in your mind. When you make paragraphs to minimize abrupt transition you are maintain the structure.
  5. A proper structure helps in making the essay interesting. So draw an outline of the structure and how the points will fit in before you begin.

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