Great Suggestions For Writing A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Are you one of the students who normally have a very difficult time getting some good topics that you can use for your paper? Do not worry because this is a problem that faces a lot of students. Over the years there are a number of students who have failed their work not just because they did not know what to do, but because their choice of topics was wanting.

Given the fact that you are probably supposed to write a rhetorical analysis essay, you need to look at this company for some ideas on what you can do to get this work done in the best way possible. The following are some interesting ideas that you can use for your paper:

  • Discuss any rhetorical strategies that we used by President George W. Bush during his tenure as the president of the Unite States.
  • Discuss some of the important reasons why a rhetorical point of view is a good way to pass a message without speaking the hardline words.
  • Analyze the Pearl Harbor speech by President Roosevelt and bring out the rhetorical elements that stand out. In your opinion, were they effective?
  • Andrew Shepherd gives an incredible speech in the movie The American President. Discuss the contents of his speech, and evaluate the reactions therefrom.
  • William Shakespeare is one of the best known authors of all time. Taking Othello as an example, explain how he uses the concept of rhetoric to build the theme and plot of his work.
  • Critically analyze the Gettysburg address after the Union defeated the Confederacy, and highlight the main points that stood out.
  • Tiger Woods has been one of the most prolific golfers of his time. However, in the year 2010 his life took a twist when he had to deal with profound matters of personal secrecy. A car crash and infidelity threatened to break a man that the world has looked up to for so long. Discuss how rhetoric criticism has helped him build his career from the damage his brand went through.
  • Discuss the challenges that WikiLeaks is facing, based on a rhetorical point of view. Do you find them justified in their actions? What is your opinion on the challenges that the founder and the government are facing in as far as the back and forth between the two entities is concerned.

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