8th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay Topics: 10 Unique Ideas

When you are a middle school student, everything you do is preparing you for high school and learning a whole new set of rules. There is much more expected of you as you enter high school and you will be challenged more in the future. It is hard to keep the interest of most middle school students so if you can find some unique ideas, you will be more successful. Here are 10 unique ideas that 8th grade students will enjoy writing compare and contrast essays about:

  1. Being the cool kid to being the nerd – This is something that students are experienced at and can relate to. It will stimulate different opinions and discussions because different children have different ideas about what is cool and what isn’t.
  2. Hurricanes and tornadoes – Students of this age have always been fascinated by storms and forces of nature. As long as you keep things interesting, you will be able to hold the interest of your peers.
  3. Big schools to small schools – This is a controversy that has long been compared. It is interesting because things change depending on whether you are from a large or a small school.
  4. Physical beauty vs inner beauty – This is a subject that will change as the student matures. It will be interesting to see how a student addresses this issue in the beginning of the school year and then in the end of the school year.
  5. Living in the city and living in the country – Again this type of essay really changes based on where the student happens to live.
  6. College basketball to professional basketball – Boys especially in this age group live and breathe sports so this is a great topic that they will be very knowledgeable about.
  7. Woman in sports vs men in sports – This topic will be interesting depending on whether a boy or a girl is writing the article.
  8. Camping in the woods or staying in a hotel – This is a great comparison and will really tell something about the personality of the person who is writing the article.
  9. Being in jail or being grounded – This is an interesting comparison since middle school students absolutely hate to be grounded and are dramatic so this comparison will be amusing
  10. A wolf vs a wild dog – This comparison is basically accomplished by researching and there isn’t much real life knowledge added to it.

Any of these topics will be very interesting for a student of this age to complete as well as the teacher to read.

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