15 Great Ideas For Catchy Expository Essay Topics

If you are in need of 15 great ideas for catchy expository essay topics, then you need to review the list of potential items below. Remember though that these are intended as a jumping off point from which further information can be sought and more subjects can be brainstormed by yourself. Always remember too, to review the parameters of your project before you start on your work to make sure that the subject matter you have selected adheres to your project requirements:

  1. Explain what rule you think is most important for your school and why.
  2. Explain to the reader a person you admire and why
  3. Explore in which cases it might be permissible for parents to be strict with their children
  4. Explore which teacher has had a profound impact on your life and why
  5. Explain to your reader why certain children leave school at the age of 16, the first time they are legally able to leave school
  6. Review how a move to a new city impacts high school children or a child your age
  7. Explore what things serve as the biggest stressors in the lives of people your age
  8. Explain why many teenagers require a driver’s license and the importance that obtaining the license serves in the roles of teenage lives
  9. Describe non-material items which bring you happiness
  10. Explore why you detest working on group projects, or working as a team, and what you think causes those feelings
  11. Explore for the reader what the most common causes of suicide are either in your town, in your country, in another school, or in another town
  12. Try to explain for the reader the impact that music has on teenagers and how different genres of music might impact people differently.
  13. Explore for your reader why students you age might skip school or skip classes and what the consequences are of doing this, paying particular attention to poor performance in school which results from this behavior
  14. Explore for your reader what causes teenagers or children your age to partake in drugs and what the consequences of doing those drugs or selling those drugs might be for children your age
  15. Explain for the reader why children your age fight with their siblings more than anyone else, and what causes these feelings between them

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