Useful Recommendations On Writing A Narrative Essay Outline

A narrative essay is the style of writing that allows the writer to explain and give the reader information on a certain subject or event in the form of a story. If the paper is written in a clear format, which you can follow by using the information found in this article - it can turn out to be a very interesting read. It is important to have a strong outline for the paper.

Recommendations for creating a compelling outline for a narrative paper

  • The first section of your paper should be the introduction to the topic. This paragraph or a few paragraphs (depending on the length of your paper) should have the “hook.” This is the few lines that will grab the reader’s attention by stating the subject of your paper in an interesting angle.
  • The second section, which is the main body of your paper, should begin with the background of the subject that you are dealing with. It should consist of the history of the subject as well as its defining factors and characteristics.
  • You should continue on to the next part that should set the scene and give information to the reader about the sensory details. Remember that you are writing a paper in the form of a story, so it is important to provide some extra details about the event or the people or the situation just to keep the reader feeling involved.
  • The main event is what should come next. This is the part that will require the maximum amount of description on your part. You should be able to describe scene by scene the events of the situation and add to this the sensory and visual descriptions that you can.
  • The next section should discuss the resolution of this event that was discussed. This will be the section where you can use your own personal opinions and feelings about the subject or the event that you have written about. In this kind of an essay, it is not important to end the paper with a summation of all the points since it is more like a story than an academic paper. This can also serve as the conclusion of the essay.

The best way to go about writing such a piece is by creating an outline for the material first, then writing the piece. The last stage is using the text that you have crafted to fit into the outline of the paper.

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