Tips For Choosing An Effective Product Evaluation Essay Topic

It’s all very good having to write an effective product evaluation essay. In fact, you have probably been schooled, tutored and prepared for this for so long that you feel as though you could do it in your sleep. However coming up with a topic is the thing that frequently feels as though it is the stuff of nightmares. However, like with most things academic there is an art to this. Here are top tips on choosing your topic:

Understanding your mission

Before you embark upon this process it is crucial that you understand why you are doing it. Your aim is quite simply to do the following:

  • Prove quality or defectiveness of a service or product
  • Do it without bias or expressing a particular opinion

On the surface this should be a very easy paper to write. However, the reality is that a lot of people struggle with the “without bias” element.

Drill down to the core

There is no room in this kind of paper for generalization. You need to pick a specific product and run with that. So for example, a particular manufacturer many produce an entire range of vacuum cleaners. However, you would only be concerning yourself with one particular model. I hope that makes sense!

Pick a product that you use

You’d be amazed at the number of students that choose to make what should be a fairly straightforward task incredibly difficult simply by choosing a product that they have absolutely no working knowledge of. Yes, there are products that we would all LOVE to own. Products that we think that with a little “Googling” we can get a decent working knowledge of. However, in reality it is only by actually using a product day in and day out that you get to truly understand the good and the bad about it.

Choose one that people are familiar with

It’s all very well and good choosing an obscure product that you are intimately familiar with but no-one else has ever heard of. However, how are people supposed to authenticate your findings if the product is completely alien to them? Yes, this is a hypothetical essay, and provided you objectively assess the pros and cons then you will get a good grade. However, your essay is likely to resonate a lot more if your readership is familiar with the product.

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