Persuasive Essay Topics- 10 Attention-Grabbing Ideas

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you need to choose an issue that is current and relevant and choose a side. You will state your side of the issue and then work to persuade your audience to agree with your view. This type of paper works well with controversial issues. The most controversial issues are the ones that have almost the same amount of people supporting the cause as they have opposing it. It is a great idea to make sure that the topic that you choose is something that you feel passionate about. If you think that you are leaning towards one side but have reservations on that stance, you should choose another topic to discuss. You should choose a topic that you are fully vested in one side of the issue and where you think that in no way should it be allowed or be banned.

You also want to choose a topic that is going to grab the attention of your audience. That way you are drawing them into your paper before they even read your introduction. You will create an interesting title for your paper. This will be focused on making a stand right from the start. If you create an interesting topic and an interesting title, your reader will already be hooked. Here are ten great ideas that you should consider.

  1. Death Penalty
  2. Legalization of Euthanasia
  3. Abortion
  4. Same Sex Marriages
  5. Legalization of Marijuana
  6. Privacy and Social Media
  7. Use of Biological Weapons
  8. Use of Torture for Investigating Heinous Crimes
  9. Religion in Schools
  10. Nature vs. Nurture

Once you have decided what topic you will write about, then you will start to brain storm some reasons why. Make these reasons compelling without disrespecting the other side. You have to make sure that you plead your side of the issue without disrespecting the opposing view. You are not trying to offend those that carry a different belief. We are all entitled to our opinion and the focus of this paper is simply to state you opinion and then provide your reader with some evidence that backs it up. You will want to make sure to include at least three solid reasons why you believe your side. You can create an outline to organize your ideas. It is a great way to write a well thought out paper and keep it easily readable.

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