Academic Writing Lessons-What Is A Synthesis Essay?

To be able to write a good paper of any style you must understand what it contains. There are certain ways to form a paper. To correctly put it together means knowing the right steps to constructing the process. The more confident you are on how to write the paper the better the format of the complete body will turn out. This article will give academic writing lessons on what a synthesis essay is.

  1. Synthesis means putting ideas from many different sources together in one paper. This involves watching, or reading different types of movies, books, or life’s situations to come up with common or insightful similarities or connections.
  2. Organize information around the subject or question. Present information, make generalizations in a logical manner to support your opinion. The goal is to try to create a new way of looking at something. This will involve becoming very familiar with the subject matter. You should know the topic inside and out. The more you inform the audience the more comfortable they will be reading it.
  3. Use examples, quotations, and expressions to create the material that revolves around the theme. (example) Watching a bully beat up on someone who is defenseless. Watching this scenario without doing anything about it. There are two different ways of feeling about the situation. You must familiarize yourself on the proper use of these helpful measures. There is certain formats to using quotations in your writing. A good written paper will create new knowledge of the situation they are writing about. To give the audience a different way of seeing the situation.
  4. Setting up the audience to favor your point-of-view. This can be done by showing the audience the effort and knowledge you have on the subject. Being prepared means breaking down any questions that may weaken your opinion. Think of these damaging questions and practice defending them. There is another side of questioning. These are questions that you ask the audience. The only way to answer them is to side with you. This makes them say out loud your idea.
  5. Go through your material and use only the most interesting and exciting information. You will be working with mostly opinionated material. The readers are well-educated and informed individuals. Keep this in mind when writing your paper. Let a few friends read your work and let them give you feedback. This will help in hearing any mistakes you have made and hear the flow of the work.

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