A List Of Fresh Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Grade 8 Students

Any 8th grader will want to write an in interesting essay. Also, any 8th grade teacher will want to give a trending fresh topic for an essay. However, when it comes to compare and contrast essays, it is at times tricky to identify an interesting, fresh and trending topic. While choosing a topic its worth considering how the students can relate to the topics. Here are some of the freshest topics for 8th graders.

Food and drinks

A food related topic would interest a student at 8th grade. With the issue of healthy eating becoming a trend of our times and parents telling their children “don’t eat this or that”, every child now has a particular interest on why to eat/drink or not to eat/drink this or that. Thus they would be bound to give a great comparison or contrast on o food and drink related issue. Some of the interesting food and drinks related topics would be;

  • Fruits versus vegetables
  • Coca-Cola versus Pepsi
  • Beef versus vegetables
  • Dried fruits versus fresh ones
  • Strawberries versus apples

Animals and birds

Animal activists have become common in our society. Animals have also been given a new light by our media and society in general. We are also seeing a lot of creation of movies and TV shows related to animals. Most eighth graders are exposed to these new developments thus building an interest in them in relation to animals. The fresh topics to look into in the animal animals’ world would be;

  • Lions versus tigers
  • Birds versus dinosaurs
  • Spiders versus scorpions.
  • Bats versus birds.
  • Dogs versus cats

Social life and school

All of us are social beings. The students too are social beings. They relate and enjoy a social life. Education is part of their life that takes up most of their time. Everything new happening in the education of social spectrums that affect the directly comes to their attention and giving them compare and contrast topics from social life and education would interest the so much. Putting in mind that they are getting more involved in the decisions that are made in their social and academic lives has brought them closer to the whole picture of both life areas. The very imaging topics in the fields are:

  • Day care versus homecare
  • Eating at home versus eating out
  • Private tutor versus a class teacher.

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