18 Prompts For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay For Middle School

Creating topics for middle school students is tricky business. Since middle school students come in all shapes and sizes, their topic interests do, too. Instructors might think they are creating the perfect prompt, but the maturity differences can make it perfect for some students and horrible for others. Here are 18 compare and contrast prompts for middle school students in a variety of different courses:

  1. Different types of smartphones
  2. Different types of music (rock vs. pop, classical vs. jazz)
  3. Different types of religion
  4. Different types of brand name sneakers
  5. Different cartoon dads
  6. Different video games
  7. Different types of sea animals (octopus vs squid, jellyfish vs seahorse, dolphins vs sharks)
  8. Different types of animals (snakes vs spiders, chickens vs turkeys, seals vs sea lions, dogs vs cats)
  9. Different types of mythology (Greek vs Egyptian, German vs Celtic, Japanese vs Chinese)
  10. Different short stories
  11. Different movies (horror vs thriller, comedy vs romance, historical fiction vs period pictures)
  12. Different types of sports (soccer vs hockey, cricket vs baseball, swimming vs track and field)
  13. Different types of social media
  14. Different types of snack food (chewing gum vs taffy, potato chips vs nachos, cake vs pie)
  15. Different types of ethnic food (pizza vs spaghetti, Chinese food vs Thai food, Mexican food vs Italian food)
  16. Different sports playoff procedures (one game vs series, home teams vs remote locations)
  17. Different cities (Chicago vs Los Angeles, New York vs Miami, Philadelphia vs Washington DC)
  18. Different historical figures (Hitler vs Bin Laden, Washington vs Jefferson, Diana vs Kate)

Students in middle school and all other grades enjoy being able to pick topics that they are interested in studying. When they can pick essay topics, they tend to write better papers than when the teacher picks the topic for them. There are some students who will be fully overwhelmed by having to choose a topic, so offering suggestions rather than just letting students pick a topic will make life less stressful for those kids.

Students really will appreciate what the choice because they will believe that you care about their interests. They will perform better for you when they believe you care about them. It is funny how allowing students to pick a compare and contrast essay topic can make them feel like their voices are valued, but it really does mean something to students to be given choice in their writing.

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