Deductive Essay Writing: 15 Great Topics For Students

Many students are not good in literature, but they become interested when they have to write a deductive essay. This is because this kind of composition is most of the time extremely challenging, and it will make you interested in the subject. Even so, we can not deny the fact that it can be tricky to find a real good topic. There are topics that are too easy, too difficult, too controversial or too common. Which subject is good for your deductive essay? Well, you can choose one from this list:

  1. The discrimination of immigrants. Most of the governments refuse to admit that the immigrants are discriminated, but you can prove this in your deductive essay. All you have to do is to bring evidence.
  2. Online courses are not effective. They are comfortable and accessible for many students, but they will never be as effective as real courses.
  3. People who have tattoos and piercings are not criminals. You will be surprised to find out that even nowadays, in many countries people who have tattoos are considered criminals.
  4. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. You can easily prove this by quoting research papers.
  5. Smoking is dangerous for people around us. Even if they are not actually smoking, they can still be affected.
  6. Children who come from violent families will become violent. It’s not a pleasant topic, but we can not deny the facts.
  7. Sugar causes addiction. Many of your classmates will be surprised by this, but they have the chance to learn something new and interesting from your deductive essay.
  8. You can not learn how to be talented. There are many studies that prove that you have to be born with a talent, you can’t obtain it. This will be a fun topic to analyze.
  9. We can train our memory. Many students think that they have bad memory. However, scientists say that they only need practice. Who knows, maybe your deductive essay will be useful for your classmates.
  10. Animal abuse is a crime against nature.
  11. Carbohydrates can trigger mental problems. It sounds exaggerated, but it is completely true.
  12. Smart phones can be dangerous for children. So many teenagers lose contact with their real friends and they replace them with virtual ones.
  13. Beauty standards can cause depression among young women.
  14. Speed limits are a good way of controlling the traffic.
  15. Homeschooling can limit the social interactions of children.

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