5 Simple Guidelines to Help you Create a Compelling Essay

It is easy when you are writing to just sit down and place a bunch of words on the screen. It is even easier to compile a bunch of words on a topic, especially one that has been on your mind for the past several months of studying. But when you want to compose something truly meaningful and compelling it is going to take a little more brain power to make it come together in a compelling manner. Here are five guidelines to follow to make the words on your screen truly coalesce into a compelling written piece. Do not forget, that if you need some online essay help you may always get it from one of the trustworthy online services.

Guideline Number One – Be clear with your writing

It will be difficult to create a truly compelling work if the reader cannot determine what exactly you are saying with your writing. If the reader has to dig around for answers and guess at what your point is then you are missing the mark entirely and will be far from compelling. A truly compelling essay leaves the reader with no questions in their mind what you were trying to say. They will know what the message was and will know the supporting ideas and examples that helped to get the message across.

Guideline Number Two – Avoid wordiness

While it may be tempting to fill your written composition with extra words just to meet the required length it is imperative to avoid this temptation when you want a compelling essay. It is acceptable to include the appropriate number of adjectives and adverbs within the piece to get your message across but avoid unnecessary words. Make and develop your topic in a precise manner and you will truly get the message across to your reader.

Guideline Number Three – Structure your writing

In order to make a compelling piece of writing that delivers your message to the reader, follow a typical structure for delivering a message. This structure follows this pattern, first, tell the reader what you are going to tell them, next, tell them and final repeat what you just told them in a summary. This structure will effectively delivery your message within the writing and your reader will understand the message.

Guideline Number Four – Provide clear supporting examples

Many students struggle when putting together a piece of written words to try and develop relative examples to support their subject. Examples need to be relative to the message you are trying to deliver and the reader should not have to sit and puzzle over why the example was included. If the point is not clear from the example itself follow the above structure where you tell what the example point is, give the example, then reemphasize why you used that particular example. By following this pattern of writing your reader will more clearly understand why the chosen example was used in the piece of work. If you cannot clearly identify the point of the example yourself, it may be best to choose another more relative example for your project.

Guideline Number Five – Remember the basics

The final tip that all students must remember is to make sure to use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. These tips may seem obvious but in the days of autocorrect on word processing software many students forget to go back and proof read their writing. Autocorrect for both spelling and grammar are not infallible and when there are two options for both grammar and spelling the software is not guaranteed to make the right choice. If you doubt your own editing abilities then partner with a friend and edit each other’s writing to ensure that everything is correct before you complete the assignment. Need help with your essay? Follow my essay writing - UK essay writing service.