Creating An Interesting Comparative Essay About World History

A comparative essay is the type of paper where you compare different subjects with one and other or take the two sides of the same subject and write about them. In world history, you can either take two different nations or events and compare them for the similarities and differences or take an event and compare its benefits and drawbacks. This type of assignment is easier to write because you have to relate certain things with one and other. If you have a strong hold of the subject, you can easily create a winning paper in no time. You should not be worried about the subject because world history is wide and you can pick any area that you like under it. You can talk about religious events, war, disease, political movements, revolution, economic settings, and socio economic structures based on your interest. This paper would be fun to write and interesting to read if you talk about something, you are passionate about

The topic

The topic of your paper is important because

  1. It lays a foundation for the rest of your assignment where you have to draw a basic theme for discussion in your paper
  2. It allows flexibility for the type of your paper. For example, if you are writing a comparative essay, the topic needs to indicate that to your readers
  3. It should be able to engage your readers by presenting a unique and original aspect that has not yet been explored

The introduction

The introduction for a comparative assignment is the first impression of your paper and it should be able to

  1. Present your topic to the readers in an engaging manner so that they are interested to read the rest of your paper
  2. Briefly describe the scope of your paper to your audience in a thesis statement

The body

You move to the body after writing the introduction by using a transitional hook.

  1. The body of your comparative paper should contain different paragraphs for similarities or differences that you will compare with the help of strong evidence.
  2. The evidence could be concrete examples, arguments, facts, logics, and stats from authenticated sources.

The conclusion

A conclusion is the last paragraph in your paper because it will summarize whatever you have discussed so far in the paper. It

  1. Provides a clear extract of your paper
  2. Gives food for thought to your audience
  3. Restates your thesis statement

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