How To Write A 4-Page Essay Quickly- Great Tips & Tricks

When you are asked to write a 4-page essay quickly, there is some tips and tricks that can help you get it done. You should consider that your main body paragraphs will each take up about a page worth of space and that your introduction and conclusion share a page. You should use a five paragraph format for this type of paper with the three body paragraphs along with the introduction and the conclusion.

Writing an essay quickly is possible and here is exactly how you can get it done and get it done fast.

  1. Start off by choosing a topic
  2. You will want to start off by choosing a topic. The best way to do this is to make sure that you choose a topic that is not only interesting but it is unique and relevant. When you write any paper and you have a choice of what to write about, always choose something that you wouldn’t mind reading about so that if you have to do some research, it won’t bring your down.

  3. Create a plan
  4. You will need to create a plan. You don’t have to make sure that you write up an extensive outline but you need to at least write up something to just get all of your ideas in one place and in an order that makes logical sense.

  5. Develop a focus
  6. You will need to develop a focus by writing your thesis statement. This will be the entire focus of your paper and what you are going to work to prove with your paper. Once you have your focus, you will need to think of at least three reasons why you would support your statement.

  7. Rough draft time
  8. Start writing your rough draft. Get your introduction done which will introduce the topic for your 4-page essay. Then explain the first reason why you believe your thesis. Continue on to the second and third ideas and then wrap it up in your conclusion. Make sure to use transitions when going from one topic to the next.

  9. Edit
  10. Don’t stop now. You will still need to read it through to make sure that it makes sense and also finish editing it. Read it out loud to make it easier to catch any possible errors. You want to turn in an error free paper.

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