Composing An Interesting World History Comparative Essay

History is a diverse and fascinating subject. We now live in a world that revolves around technology but it wasn’t always like that. Things in the past were quite different. Our ancestors were more focused on feelings and perceptions of the world around them. They would spend an entire day socializing face-to-face, not electronically through social media.

Countries have evolved and changed over the centuries. Cultures have evolved, merged and separated. Some of the changes were not pleasant and have left people sensitive to certain aspects of the surviving culture. For this reason, when writing a comparative essay on world history, it is prudent to take a few points into consideration when planning and penning your essay. The sensibilities of your reading audience needs to be taken into account. Here’s a few things you may need to keep in mind:

  1. Religion is off-limits. Unless your specific assignment is to compare and contrast various religions, or different tenets of various religions, try to stay away from a discussion of religion. If you must include a discussion of religion in your essay, try to keep your point of view neutral.
  2. Steer clear of offensive terms. When speaking of specific cultures or peoples, be sure to use acceptable terms, not slang references or street designations. Consider the cultural ethnicity of your classmates, then make certain you aren’t using any derogatory terms that any of them could find hurtful or offensive.
  3. Consider all points. If you are comparing countries or conflicts, be sure to take into account the culture and socio-economic conditions of the areas on which you’re focusing.
  4. Be accurate with your dates. History is about accuracy of information. Wars and battles have had significant historical impact on those involved, so be sure you take care when comparing them. Your sources should be reliable and impeccable. Verify your facts before introducing them into your writing.
  5. Remain neutral. When analyzing and comparing two different elements or events, you need to remain objective. Your personal opinion should not be part of the discussion.
  6. Balance the discussion. When writing a comparative essay in world history, your focus needs to encompass differences and similarities.
  7. Incorporate information about other cultures. One of the highlights of studying world history is learning about other cultures. Incorporate information about different cultures into your essay to keep it interesting and relevant to your readers.

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