Great Persuasive Essay Topics: 15 Interesting Writing Ideas For College Students 

In a persuasive essay you should convince your reader. The topic you choose should be controversial. Pick an interesting idea you agree with and support it in your paper. The following list of great persuasive essay topics for college students may come in handy.

  1. Social media isolates people from one another.
  2. Social networking is a great way to stay in touch with distant friends and relatives. However, people lose the desire to communicate in real life.

  3. All college students should take parenting classes.
  4. Parents are supposed to teach their children how to plan a family and bring up their own children. However, children usually receive insufficient knowledge on these issues at home.

  5. Classes should start later.
  6. Students are expected to get up early for school. However, teenagers should have enough rest in order to perform well.

  7. Keeping exotic pets should be forbidden.
  8. Snakes, reptiles, and spiders are chosen more often as pets nowadays than ever before. However, such exotic pets can be dangerous.

  9. Corporate advertising should be forbidden in colleges.
  10. Corporate advertisements help raise extra money for school budgets, but they also distract students from their studies.

  11. Professional football is a dangerous sport.
  12. Football can be physically traumatic, but professional sportsmen know the risks and shouldn’t be forbidden to play this traditional sports game.

  13. Contents of teen magazines should be reviewed more thoroughly.
  14. All magazines that are marketed towards teenagers cover topics relevant to this age group. However, most of them discuss immoral and unethical ideas.

  15. College beauty contests should be forbidden.
  16. Even though beauty contests are popular among students, they also distract from the students’ academic studies.

  17. Girls should be allowed to participate in wrestling and football.
  18. These types of sports are, on a professional level, comprised of only male players. This is gender discrimination.

  19. Public transportation should be free.
  20. It may be troublesome to introduce this innovation, but it will considerably reduce the occurrence of traffic jams and decrease environment pollution.

  21. Security cameras violate the human privacy right.
  22. Cameras are great security tools. However, there are too many of them.

  23. People are too dependent on technology.
  24. Technologies make our lives easier. However, most of us cannot function without these devices.

  25. Every team participant should be rewarded.
  26. Competition is a necessity in sports. However, the sports team will only benefit if every participant is given a trophy.

  27. Guns should be forbidden in all public places.
  28. Guns are commonly used for protection. However, they also provoke violence.

  29. Children in elementary schools should learn keyboarding, and not handwriting.
  30. Cursive handwriting is a tradition. However, there is no need for it nowadays.

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